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Overview IQ Messenger users

Topaz Revitel

Topaz Revitel is a special rehabilitation and care hotel that combines the best of two worlds: the tailoring of professional (rehabilitation) care and the comfort of staying in a hotel.

By means of brand independence, the combination with GIRA and SpectraLink DECT can be made. It also provides a speaking/listening connection between the healthcare professional and the client. The vendor independent software IQ Messenger is future-proof, with which Topaz can unlock and combine new and existing systems based on the work process.

Lelie Zorggroep

Lelie Zorggroep provides trusted and catered living in a nice environment. Nieuwoord house offers a home to people with a Christian background who are dealing with a physical disability or some form of dementia.

Smart sensors, nurse call, wander detection and intercom in combination with smartphones ensure peace on the floor. With limited staffing a high quality of service and living can be offered. Employees can 'see' what is going on. By thinking regardless of brands it is possible to fill in each set of requirements.


Eeckenrhode is a serviceflat where the welfare of the residents is key. Residents live independently, but can make use of a full range of services, whether or not demand-driven.

The residents of Eeckenrhode can use 24 hour nursing using a TipTel voice pendant. Alarms come in at the Polycom DECT of the nursing staff. It is also nice that there is insight in alarms through IQ Reporting. Family of the residents is hereby also easily informed.

Argos Zorggroep

Argos Zorggroep specializes in the care of the elderly. They offer various services, day care and home care and have locations for care, nursing and rehabilitation.

Argos selected cameras with motion and acoustic detection and make contacts for doors. Alarming based on movement and screaming whereby the care employee directly receives an alarm with video from the camera on a smartphone. Existing alarms of nurse call systems and BMC are also entering on the smartphone. The choice is based on cost savings in terms of staffing, ease in the workplace, one cheap market generic device and ready for transfer to extramural health care in combination with video. Decisive is end-to-end monitoring of different brands / systems.

OCMW Leuven

The Public Social Welfare Centre Leuven (OCMW Leuven) has the core task to ensure that everyone can live in dignity. OCMW Leuven offers intramural and extramural care services.

Alarms of the existing Televise nurse call system are put to Alcatel OXE DECT and smartphones thanks to IQ Messenger. Hereby the wildcard technology will be applied for intelligent routing. The existing camera surveillance system has also become part of the work process through the IQ SmartApp. Here the work process is proposed regardless of brand.


Zorgpartners is a major provider of services in the field of living, well-being and care in the middle region of Holland. From 18 centers they serve residents and clients in the neighborhood that can take off services a la carte.

Zorgpartners chooses IQ Messenger for nurse call alarm with video from tablets in combination with video to centralists and smartphones. They also make use of a video call triage solution in combination with alarms and wander detection of residents on one platform. By using IQ Messenger directing goes back to the care organisation. The care process and the quality of life of the residents are central again through brand independence.


Norschoten is an organization offering nursing care and nursing home care in nursing apartments in the form of Complete Home Package (Dutch VPT concept). They also offer day care and hospice care.

Caregivers in Norschoten carry a smartphone with them, which receive the reports of the smart sensor. The employee can use the phone to remotely establish a talk, viewing and listening connection to decide what action is needed. So there is out-of-bed-detection, noise monitoring and room-exit-detection. During the day, but also at night, caregivers do not have to walk rounds anymore. Therefore, the residents have a better sleep and more privacy. Moreover, during the night it saves caregivers, capacity that can be deployed additional at daytime.


Westfriesgasthuis is a general hospital where good care is about attention. Westfriesgasthuis has 26 medical specialties, nearly 2000 employees and 148 medical specialists. The hospital has 350 beds and employs over 258 000 outpatient visits per year.

With IQ Messenger it is possible to let the Scrack-Seconet nurse call system communicate and alert to the SpectraLink Pivot (Android VoWiFi phone). It’s also possible to alert to the Microsoft Lync environment (Smartphone/Tablet).


GGzE offers help and support to people with special psychiatric problems. All care and support is to ensure that anyone can participate in society as much as possible.

To achieve a significant reduction in staffing GGzE has brought all care-related alarms of the various buildings to one central location in contrast to handle it per building/location. GGzE now makes use of IQ SmartApp, IQ Real Time Console, IQ Graphical Floorplan, Cosi nurse call, Stentofon and EMR integration.

Sykehjem Klukstuen

Sykehjem Klukstuen is a district briding center for people with dementia and psychiatric disorders. There are 59 sites spread over 29 nursing homes, 24 apartments and 6 psychiatric care apartments. This is one of the more than 20 IQ Messenger installations in Norway.

The solution at Sykehjem Klukstuen gives the customer the ability to integrate their old nurse call system to a new and modern telephony system. IQ Messenger also extends the potential life of the nurse call system and also gave them a platform for future improvement and implementation of new welfare technology.

Diana Klinik

DianaKlinik is a private clinic specialized in geriatrics, interdisciplinary early rehabilitation, neurology, psychosomatic and psychotherapy and orthopaedics. The hospital has 600 beds and is considered a medical and nursing competency center.

By combining multiple analog nurse call systems, automatic opening/closing doors and smartphones investments are retained and DianaKlinik can focus on new care in Germany brand independence makes it possible for the customer to make decisions that fit functionality and budget.

Münchenstift Münchener Bürgerheim

Münchenstift Münchener Bürgerheim is a completely renovated and technically up-to-date residence in Munich. Seniors can pleasantly live independently here.

Existing and new technology in old style. Apart from any-to-any alarm there is also remote succession using the Verklizan UMO integration. By maintaining investments from the past and combine it with new sensors and remote succession Münchenstift became life resistant.

Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis
Tergooi Ziekenhuizen
Gasthuis Sint Jan De Deo
Het Schild
Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis
Groene Hart Ziekenhuis
Naufar Hospital
Centre Hospitalier Evron
Eikenhorst Lisse
Hopital Intercommunal Sevre Loire
Vitalis Woonzorggroep
Het Hoge Veer
United Biscuits

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