• IQ Emergency Call Out

fast and powerful communications during an incident

The tighter government regulations force every organization to map risks. Therefore the organization is responsible for a fast and powerful communication during an incident, evacuation or disaster. IQ Messenger provides a powerful and effective communication solution for emergency situations where the spoken word is the starting point.

Fast and effective

Reporting an incident or calamity can happen both manually and automatically. If a message reached the system, a script predetermined by you starts immediately. Taking full account of the day, date and time the system calls workers, plays a message, asks for confirmation for reporting and put staff and emergency services if necessary automatically in a conference call. The speed and efficiency of this system is unprecedented.

Use anywhere

The solution works both stand-alone and in combination with your telephone exchange; you can use it anywhere. The system consumes very little power, is under the control of the IQ Messenger platform wherein it is integrated. Which you can also easily manage.

IQ Emergency Call Out allows organizations to simultaneous construct anyone-to-anyone conference calls. This is ideal for emergency and fire alarm. Thus emergency response officers can communicate with everyone with any integrated device including PMR (radio). IQ Emergency Call Out also offers the opportunity to record the calls. Confirmation of call is possible with DTMF.

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