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IQ Event Flow Manager is a unique intuitive user interface which gives you control and gives you no more limitations of your vendor. From the IQ Event Flow Manager you can manage and overrule the standard user settings of the devices. IQ Event Flow Manager is web based and available through the browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Alarms can be based on date/time, type of alarm, escalations and groups. For example, a device can be adjusted so it will only vibrate in the evening. The possibilities are endless with different sounds and icons. Icons, sound (vibration) and volume can be set at its discretion, depending on your brand.

All integrations, date-/time routings, escalations can be used indefinitely and at any position in the alarm process. You simply add freestanding systems to existing alarm flows, for example video in combination with nurse call, through our simple drag & drop interface.

The alarm tree (rooms, apartments, corridors, departments, locations, provinces, countries etc.) can be entirely self organised and easy to modify.

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