• IQ Real Time Console

real-time visibility into current alarms

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The web console enables you to obtain a real-time insight in the current alarms. The application is web based and can operate on any PC without installation of specific software. When an alarm is received by the Messenger IQ platform the appropriate alarm flow will be activated. At the same time the alarm is displayed on the PC, using coloured markers and acoustic messages. You can fully determine the design of this display yourself.

Optionally, emergencies such as personal alarms can display an additional distinctive flashing message and require a specific action of the caregiver. From this application actions can be taken immediately, such as calling camera images, voice / reply connections, controls etc.

Graphic tool

The web console can also be utilized graphically. All integrated alarm triggers are visualized in the graphical tool. This application can be used with a conventional screen but also with a tablet or smartphone connected to your network. This makes your people flexible, allows them to use a device of choice and contributes to a rapid response.

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