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Our system records all alerts and confirmations / acceptances on the IQ Messenger platform. This allows your organization to determine which days and times most alarms occur and how adequate your staff responds to this. You can also estimate what actions are necessary to improve your service.

The report not only provides insight into the alarms, but also shows slow reaction times and escalations.

Brand independent reporting

IQ Reporting concerns reporting of all integrations. This means you do not need to search for any emergencies in all systems, but that you can look back at a calamity spread across multiple systems through one platform.

The truth in numbers

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common place that there is doubt about the reaction and response times on received alerts / calls. IQ Reporting provides your organization with just a push of a button all the answers, clearly. This allows you to quickly and easily make visible how often a resident / room sends a personal alarm and to what extent the organization has responded.

Reports on demand

All reports that the system provides can be obtained at any desired time. So you can make an immediate report visible or have it sent by email periodically. You can thereby indicate which messages you wish to take in the report and which period of time this report should cover. E.g. daily, weekly, monthly and so on. The reports can be made​​ in various standard formats like Excel, PDF and Word. Obviously database connections are possible.

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