• IQ Secure Messenger

instant messaging and critical alerts and notifications

The secure combi-app for:



Secure chat, sharing documents, pictures and video calling

Sharing of photos, documents, chats, video and audio with priority, leading to more efficient work-processes between professionals.


Critical and medical alarming

Secure Messenger is fully embedded into IQ Messenger, the most versatile and open vendor independent platform for critical and medical alarming.


Personal alarming

IQ Secure Messenger features on board localisation, allowing you to work independently and safely. Enabling the panic button will notify your co-workers, security or police instantly.

Your added benefits:



Easier communication, lower chance of mistakes

The intuitive, secure and easy exchange of patient information by sharing chat, documents, video, photos and audio optimizes communication on patient and lowers the possibility of making mistakes by using the interactive function of IQ Secure Messenger.


One app, any place, any time

One Combi-App for both instant and critical messaging, offering immediate access to you contacts thru messaging or video calling any place anywhere.


Security and privacy

IQ Secure Messenger can be accessed either thru your IT environment on-premise or via the cloud and is CE Medical Class and ISO 27001 certified.

What IQ Secure Messenger offers



Instant messaging / chat

  • Sharing photos, documents, video and audio securely
  • Interactive sharing of any message between professionals
  • Quick response and priority messaging
  • Quick search function and real-time presence information

Video calling & camera observation

  • Simple and direct video calling
  • More efficient collaboration
  • Deliver any place, any time the best care
  • One number to fully integrate into your current PBX

Security and privacy

  • NEN7510/ISO27001/CE Medical Class certified
  • On-premise or in the cloud
  • Two-step authentication
  • Secure storage of all patient related information on the mobile device




Vendor independent

  • Software only, true vendor independent
  • Complete integration out of the box of readily available systems in hospitals and care institutions
  • 85 vendor-integrations at your fingertips

Personal alarming

  • Personal alarming and safety
  • Location and positioning via Bluetooth, WiFi, 3/4G and GPS
  • Location visualised on IQ Graphical Floor Plan or Google Maps


  • Virtualised and in High Availability
  • Users and groups can be easily maintained
  • Track and trace and history of all instant messaging
  • Quick search functions

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