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Critical alerting and notification simply and securely to any device

Bring your own device

Something we have heard a lot from the market place is uniformity. The smartphone has a high level of acceptance in the market. Many suppliers see this as a threat, because it could be at the expense of the hardware to be delivered. However, we believe that a customer should be able to determine which device suits his needs. For this reason we have developed the IQ SmartApp.

Features IQ SmartApp

  • Running on Android and iOS phone and tablet
  • Icons, colors and priorities for immediate recognition
  • Real-time alarms and alarm history with actions
  • Accept, ignore, call back with video functionality
  • Forced Wi-Fi on and automatically sending Wi-Fi password (Android)
  • Smartphones operating on Wi-Fi/3G/4G
  • Fully monitored from the IQ Messenger platform
  iq smartapp


iq smartapp panic button  


✓ Panic button
✓ Geo location
✓ Monitored
✓ Priorities
✓ SIP phone
✓ Standalone or integrated
✓ Video calling
✓ Improved reporting

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