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The vendor-neutral software platform IQ Messenger

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The lead in alarm follow-up and communication. IQ Messenger is the producer and installer of the most powerful integrated solution for the benefit of nurse call, alarm follow-up and personal security, reporting and communication for the healthcare sector, prison facilities, industry, security and emergency response. Our full IP platform with many smart integrations puts your organization in the first place. Through unprecedented flexibility, ease of management and completeness of integrations you are now "in control". You no longer have to amortize existing systems from uniformity. Also, you do not stay limited to one product while it does not fit on all your sites to the relevant question. With IQ Messenger all your separate systems can work as one platform!

Why IQ Messenger?

Many hardware manufacturers / products provide a large amount of their own products with proprietary standards and protocols, a closed environment. IQ Messenger is a truly open software platform without any brand preference where the process is paramount. With more than 70 market-leading brand integrations and more than 15 self-developed brand-independent applications. With IQ Messenger all your separate existing systems can work as one platform in combination with your existing and the newest healthcare technology!

Supported integrations regardless of brand


Wireless communication

IQ Messenger combines a infrastructure with or based on DECT, IP-DECT, private GSM or Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) with a broad range of industry-focused handsets.


Wander detection

A wander detection system can send a personal alarm to the nursing staff. The wander detection system also provides wristbands with a personal alarm button for both inside and outside.



IP connected with the IQ Messenger platform. Bidirectional ESPA 444 and Espa X support. No maximum I/O contacts and ESPA interfaces with WildCard technology.


Nurse call

Nurse call is one of the building blocks of our unique platform. This can function as a stand-alone system, but you can also expand it with all our integrated solutions.



Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Exchange mail are fully integrated into the IQ Messenger platform and GUI. Reliable server-to-server integration is possible.


Social networks

The demand to involve the social domain into the care process is increasing. For this IQ Messenger offers unique guarded integrations with known social networks.



Personal alarm with positioning possible. Live Tracking for real time location information. The message is sent to the nearest handset in case of a personal alarm.



The most common coupling planes are ESPA, I/O, RS, MSF, RF, XML, SIP and IP. In recent years, most organizations apply IP the most. This underlines the future stability of our platform.


E-mail & SMS

All alarms the IQ Messenger platform is handling, the system can send as e-mail or text message to any number of email addresses or mobile phones, anywhere in the world.

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Phone +31 88 - 20 22 333
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