Verklizan and IQ Messenger deliver first joint installation in Munich

7 januari 2015

The cooperation between Verklizan and IQ Messenger started early 2014 after successful development and joint validation of the interface between the IQ Messenger- and the UMO platform. Today, we are pleased to announce that the first joined customer installation has been put into full operation. In September, IQ Messenger has successfully installed its platform at the residential complex of Bürgerheim in Munich, Germany. The IQ platform and installation is connected to the UMO platform of “das Bayerische Rote Kreuz”, also located in Munich.

Bürgerheim is a residential complex where people can live in an environment that feels like their own home, yet where professional assistance and safety is always present. IQ Messenger integrated both Gira nursecall, Siemens DECT and Verklizan as well as all the escalations. In order to provide accurate assistance in the evening and at night there is a cooperation between Bürgerheim and the Red Cross in Munich. The monitoring centre of the Red Cross will receive and handle alarms from residents in Bürgerheim and will coordinate the adequate assistance. The Red Cross Munich is using the UMO platform for its monitoring center services which enables the comprehensive connection with the IQ Messenger installation at Bürgerheim.

“We are happy with this first live project where the benefits of the cooperation between Verklizan and IQ Messenger are embraced by our mutual customers in Germany. The strength of two companies working with an open platform philosophy offers maximum flexibility to service providers and access to the latest innovations in the market”, says Marcel Roest, International Sales Manager of Verklizan. Arno Koch Valk, VP IQ Messenger International , states , “We are very pleased with this partnership with Verklizan. It is a priviledge to add to its solution portfolio and to work as a cohesive team to provide state-of-the-art integration solutions to the joined customer base”

About IQ Messenger
IQ Messenger is a unique full IP alarming and messaging platform. IQ Messenger is the intelligent hub between a wide array of new and existing industry-specific communication and messaging systems. The platform supports a wide range of technologies from nurse call systems, DECT, VoWiFi, Video and Lync to SmartApps on IOS, Android and Windows 8 to name but a few. Furthermore, the platform is without vendor preference and equipped with unique and uniform applications for easy administering, reporting and monitoring. Currently, IQ Messenger supports over 70 vendors to which it has integrated the interactive messaging protocols.

About Verklizan
Founded in 1983 Verklizan provides the UMO monitoring center platform to service providers in health, safety and security markets. With an independent and open structure the UMO platform enables service providers to provide and support health, security and wellness services to their customers. Today the UMO platform is being used in 16 countries across Europe, our customers provide services using the UMO platform to over 860.000 connections. We offer our solutions from our head office in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.

More information
If you would like to have more information about IQ Messenger and/or Verklizan please find our contact details below:

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T +31(0)88 20 22 333

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