IQ Messenger offers intelligent integrations and applications for hospitals. The changes within hospitals are great: from dormitories to single rooms, the realization of silent ICs and departments where various specialisms come together.

The medically classified and vendor independent notification platform enables hospitals to collects alarms from various medical devices, nurse call systems and smart sensors and broadcasts notifications in a number of ways in a fully monitored manner. The notification platform is world leading in  the one capable of communicating across brands and of any-to-any software and fully certified (ISO27001, NEN7510 and CE MDD).


Ascom, CLB, Verkerk, Schrack, Viedome, Hertek, Avics, Indigo, Vanbreda, Cinnovate, Televic, Eurocom, Tunstall, Gira 

IQ Messenger integrates each nurse call system with enriched protocols (ESPA X, OAP) to send messages to the desired device in an interactive way.

Medical alarm systems

The realization of a MOS is on the agenda at virtually every hospital. Extensive intelligent proprietary software protocols (Philips OAP, Medibus, Maquet CIE) make simple I / O links a thing of the past.


Alaris, BBraun, Carefusion

Stand alone or by means of a docking station to determine from now on which alarms are desirable per room or pump. Realize reduction of alarm fatigue by sending technical alarms directly to the right person.

EPMS Connection


Integration with EPMS to enrich alarm messages with patient information and to see which patient is lying on which bed in room assignment.


Philips, Dräger, GE, Mindray, Spacelabs

Send alarms from monitors to nurses' smartphones. Nursecall and Medical alarm system  through IQ Messenger within one application. With the playback of monitor own alarms, symbols, colors and priorities we increase the recognisability.


Isolette, Babyleo, Babytherm, Caleo

Temperature, oxygen and technical notifications can differentiate and send to the right professional to minimize alarm fatigue.

Smart sensors

Mobotix, Sensara, OpenXS, Smartervision

A development from active to passive alarm. Choose the right technology to suit the patient's need for care regardless of the limited range of the nurse call system manufacturer.

Location thrue WiFi

Aruba, Cisco, Huawei

Personal alarm, asset and people tracking. An attack on personnel, equipment that gets lost or an errant patient. Enrich telemetry alarms with location display to quickly locate a patient in life danger. All this about the existing infrastructure.

Location thrue BLE

Iedere BLE Beacon

The location at room level can be viewed through a very low-threshold infrastructure. Create personal alarms for healthcare professionals with location determination to quickly let colleagues know where they are needed.

Hospital projects

  • RTC1.1
  • GEA 1.1
  • SmartApp Enterprise Busy Mode 8.1.1
  • GFP 2.1
  • Hand Empty IOS Android
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