Real Time Console

Display a list of all alarms within the building

Real Time Console

IQ Messenger’s Real Time Console web application is a convenient application, providing a list of all alarms from one or more locations at a glance. The application is fully web-based and accessible from any screen. You are no longer dependent on the use of a certain type of system. The Real Time Console is vendor-neutral and can display notifications from any system within the building.

It also allows for linking into the EHR and through incoming alarms, you can directly retrieve a client or patient card with all the necessary data. This offers huge added value to the alarm when it comes in. This way you know exactly which client or patient is sleeping in which room. Furthermore, you can request information about treatment, allergies, diagnoses and other information relevant to the client’s or patient’s care.

It also offers functionality to continue alarms, prioritise an alarm, accept or reject the alarm, and determine the colour of the text itself. This provides a simple overview of all alarms of one or more locations and creates a monitoring centre for the nurse.

  • List view of alarms
  • Central or decentralised
  • Fully web-based
  • Accessible from any screen
  • Vendor-neutral monitoring centre
  • Seeing exactly which client or patient is sleeping in which room
  • Linking to the EHR
  • Information about interaction and background of client or patient
  • Forwarding of alarms
  • Adjusting the priority level of alarms
  • Accepting and rejecting alarms
  • Personally define the colour of the notification and the text

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