Security & certifications

Fully certified

Great progress in technology brings with it a great responsibility. For both our data and patient safety, the regulations are becoming increasingly strict – and rightly so! This is why we have set ourselves the goal of developing a software platform that is certified and therefore confidential and secure.

Highest proven uptime

The IQ Messenger platform has the highest availability (99.99%) and can be used safely and reliably for primary and secondary medical alarms. Healthcare professionals can rely on our technology, even when realizing a monitored chain, silent alarms, reduction of alarm fatigue and single rooms. IQ Messenger is therefore the medically certified, vendor-independent “smart centre” of a Distributed Alarm System (DAS / CDAS).

No compliance risks & medically certified

Compared with other message brokers, which are usually not medically certified, IQ Messenger is the safest and meets all necessary certifications. The platform has been built on safety and protection from start to finish. ISO standards also guarantee that our employees and processes meet the highest standards. We are certified for ISO 27001, ISO 13485, NEN 2575 & 7510 and medical class IIb.



Private data processing
The most important rules for private data processing in the Netherlands are laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; AVG in Dutch). This set of data protection rules applies to all companies operating in the EU, wherever they are located. IQ Messenger meets all AVG standards and is NEN 7510 and ISO 27001 certified.

NEN 2575

Dutch standard fire safety of buildings
NEN 2575 is a Dutch standard that specifies requirements for the design, execution, compatibility and the quality of evacuation facilities. IQ Messenger can be integrated in an approved NEN 2575 environment where we send messages to DECT handsets, pagers, WiFi handsets or the SmartApp Android.

NEN 7510

Dutch standard for information security in healthcare
The NEN 7510 norm is the Dutch standard for information security specifically for healthcare; it ensures a policy in which reliability, availability and integrity of information are central. IQ Messenger is NEN 7510 certified.

ISO 13485

International quality management standard
ISO 13485 is the international standard with which manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of medical devices, as well as companies involved in the chain, can comply in order to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements relating to medical devices. IQ Messenger is ISO 13845 certified.

ISO 27001

International information security standard
The ISO 27001 standard is the international standard for information security and ensures a policy in which reliability, availability and integrity of information are central. IQ Messenger is ISO27001 certified.

Medical class IIb

Dutch standard medical devices
CE labelling is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental legislation. IQ Messenger is IIb certified.

WDTM certificate 3.0

With this quality mark, all those involved in the chain of personal alarm services, including suppliers, installers, care centres, alarm receivers and providers, use a leading process model. This optimises processes and guarantees quality, resulting in the highest possible reliability for the end user.

Great Place to Work

The Great Place to Work methodology is a global standard for organisations that distinguish themselves as good employers. The certificate represents an organisational culture in which high levels of trust, pride and fun are central.

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