DECT & WiFi handsets

Many organisations use wireless telephones with DECT or WiFi technology

DECT & WiFi handsets

Many organisations use wireless telephones with DECT or WiFi technology. These devices are suitable for making telephone calls but also for receiving critical alarm notifications. Many wireless devices also have the option of creating a personal security alarm for employees by means of a physical button on the device.

The vendor-neutral IQ Messenger platform integrates virtually all available DECT and WiFi systems on vendor-specific protocols, allowing you to use any hardware you have already purchased. Organisations now have a free choice when purchasing a new system or migrate to the IQ Messenger SmartApp for Android and iOS at their own pace. Examples of supported DECT and WiFi systems are Mitel, Ascom, Aastra, Siemens, Unify, Avaya, Alcatel, Spectralink, Cisco and Funktel.

IQ Messenger provides secure and smart alarms to DECT and WiFi handsets from all systems connected to the platform, regardless of make, vendor and type. Users can interactively accept, reject or call back after receiving an alarm notification. Of course all alarms and interactive actions are fully logged and IQ Messenger with DECT and WiFi handsets can be included in a certified NEN 2575 fire alarm chain.

  • Supporting Mitel, Ascom, Aastra, Unify, Avaya, Alcatel, Spectralink, Cisco and Funktel
  • Ringtone, ring volume, alarm text etc adjustable for each alarm
  • Personal security with locator function
  • Unlimited call groups and escalations
  • Accept, reject, call back or escalate alarm notifications
  • Combination of DECT, WiFi, pagers, walkie-talkies and smartphones possible
  • Suitable for certified NEN 2575 fire alarm chain

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