Wander detection

As a vendor-neutral software platform, we give healthcare institutions the freedom to choose which system best suits their needs

Wander detection

IQ Messenger integrates a large number of wander detection systems with various functionalities. As a vendor-neutral software platform, we give healthcare institutions the freedom to choose which system best suits their needs. Whether we link a wander detection system to the existing care process or to the new care process, IQ Messenger makes your desired work process possible with any system.

Each location may require a different kind of care. In practice, we see that healthcare institutions therefore need flexibility in their systems. IQ Messenger offers the possibility to apply different systems in your work process without the obstruction of not being able to link classic hardware systems to the desired wander detection system.

If you want a portable receiver with an emergency button or speak-listen connection, and this solution requires a SIM card, GPS, WiFi or Bluetooth connection; IQ Messenger enters into a dialogue with the healthcare institution about the desired result and links to various systems that can support this requirement.

What are the options with IQ Messenger relating to living circles in combination with various systems?

  • Receive alarms on any device, such as a pager, two-way radio, DECT or smart device
  • Alarm response via our SmartApp on the smartphone on both Android and iOS
  • Send the location of the resident via WiFi, BLE, GPS or beacons
  • Speak-listen connection between resident and healthcare professional
  • Operating doors and elevators
  • Send closest camera image from location triggered alarm
  • Linking to EHR
  • Internal or external response room to which reports are sent
  • Client dashboard with lifestyle monitoring
  • Configuring safe zones

In practice, the organisation applies various types of wandering detection systems for indoors, in the courtyard garden and in the neighbourhood. The various wandering detection systems are used to supplement functionality and achieve a single desired solution for both intramural and extramural.

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