Personal alarms, remote monitoring and wearables

Care moves more and more to people’s homes

At home: personal alarms, remote monitoring and wearables

Care moves more and more to people’s homes. Technology helps older people to live independently at home for longer. Medical equipment is placed in people’s homes so that they do not have to travel to the hospital all the time, and vital measurements are continuously monitored by means of wearables to prevent acute hospital admissions.

Personal alarms

Assistance with one touch of a button? A neck or wrist alarm allows the elderly to be constantly connected to a care centre, carer or nurse. IQ Messenger connects various care devices and solutions for personal alarm independent of vendor. This enables care organisations and care centres to individually determine where alarms go at what time without having to purchase services from an external party.

Notifications of care devices and personal alarm solutions connected to the IQ Messenger platform are often sent to a nurse’s SmartApp or the Graphical Floor Plan or Real Time Console web applications including the ability to enable auto-answer with callback connection to the person triggering the alarm.

Integrations with: Zintouch, tunstall, focus cura, caretech, antenna, DTMF scaip, Curatech, Salesforce

Plasters, home testing and wearables

Plasters, home testing and wearables are used to continuously monitor people to make sure they are doing well. When things are not going well, and to prevent acute admission, a signal can be sent to a specialist, control room or nurse, enabling them to immediately check the situation. With IQ messenger Medical you can choose how you send these signals! In the night, for example, to the control room with a copy notification to a specialist’s iPhone.

Integrations with: Sensium, Philips biosensor, Vitalert, Luscii

Medicine dispenser

A smart device that reminds the elderly to take their medication. But what if this is still forgotten? Or if the registration of medication intake is only possible in closed systems? IQ Messenger Medical offers a solution by sending notifications and historical notifications to any system.

Integrations with: Medido

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