Medical system integrations

Medical devices are in various types and kinds often used to monitor and treat patients. In order to give healthcare organisations freedom of choice of system, it is therefore important that the platform guarantees real vendor independence

Medical system integrations (IQ Messenger Medical)

There are medical devices in various types and kinds. Monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, dialysis equipment, epilepsy detectors, CTG and incubators are often used to monitor and treat patients. Various manufacturers supply a wide range of medical devices that can virtually exclusively be connected to IQ Messenger Medical with their own vendor-specific integration. In order to give healthcare organisations freedom of choice of system, it is therefore important that the platform guarantees real vendor independence.

Many care organisations still use a “non-smart” medical link via a contact connection to the classic nurse call system. This connection is naturally supported by IQ Messenger Medical, but fortunately almost all medical devices are also equipped with a “smart” connection. Such “smart” medical connections are realised with a serial or IP-bound connection.

Alarm differentiation for reducing alarm fatigue

Through the “smart” link, IQ Messenger Medical receives an alarm notification from a medical device. This notification also displays the specific alarm details. This is called a differentiated alarm. This way you know exactly what the alarm is about, the priority level and the actions to take. Differentiated alarms is therefore a necessary part of reducing alarm fatigue.

Healthcare organisations can now decide independently which alarms they find important and who should receive them, on a device of their choice, of course.
This makes it easy to distinguish between medical and technical alarms and to filter alarms based on their priority level. It offers full chain monitoring, informing you when a medical device is connected or disconnected or no longer works properly.

Apart from the differentiated alarm notifications, IQ Messenger Medical adds several powerful functionalities. For example, alarm notifications are no longer transferred endlessly once the nurse has adjusted the monitor, alarm notifications can be combined to prevent false alarms and alarm fatigue. You can also view live monitor values on the SmartApp, view camera images and set up speak-listen connections.

Vendor independent & fully guarded

IQ Messenger Medical has no compartmentalisation of nurse call and medical alarms. All systems connected to the platform are fully monitored, with all alarm management and alarm assignment easily and graphically set up or adjusted by the healthcare professionals themselves, even for each shift.

  • Smart differentiated alarms
  • Reduced alarm fatigue, increased patient safety
  • Monitored, safe and reliable
  • Realise silent alarms and single rooms
  • Simple graphical alarm assignment
  • All alarms on a single device at your choice
  • Care process is central
  • IQ Messenger Medical is medical class llb certified and therefore fully complies with the European rules for medical devices

IQ Messenger Medical integrations:

Maquet GetingeMaquet Getinge
B. BraunB. Braun
GE HealthcareGE Healthcare
The medcom group
Spacelabs healthcareSpacelabs healthcare
ICT HCTS (formerly BMA/Mosos)

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