Building management and fire alarm systems

The smart building-bound systems give the users many advantages, safety and comfort, but this comes at the cost of a high degree of dependency

Building management and fire alarm systems

Buildings are becoming smarter, safer and more energy efficient. Fire detection, sprinklers, cooling, ventilation and access control systems have become a standard feature in contemporary buildings. The smart building-bound systems give the users many advantages, safety and comfort, but this comes at the cost of a high degree of dependency.

The IQ Messenger system has no compartmentalisation when it comes to the exchange of alarm notifications and integrates virtually all building management and fire alarm systems (BMS and BMC) by means of generic and manufacturer-specific protocols. A malfunctioning building management system is not only annoying but often harmful. It can even be life-threatening. A technical fault can have consequences in many areas. From an unworkable climate to a spontaneously operating sprinkler system and from refusing access control to a failing fire alarm. Waiting for complaints from employees is of course not an option. In case of errors or full downtime, the building manager must know this immediately.

Also, stand-alone systems such as refrigerators for medication or food, and systems for water, gas and electricity are easily integrated and monitored.

By means of a powerful alarm filter and combination of functions, only the relevant alarms are sent directly to the right employees. Naturally vendor-neutral on a device or monitor of your choice. This avoids vendor lock-in and alarm fatigue and ensures a high alarm attention value.

IQ Messenger acts as an alarm server in a certified fire alarm chain where pagers, DECT/WiFi handsets and smartphones can all be included.

  • Support for fire alarm and building management systems
  • No more compartmentalisation, all system alarms on one platform
  • Mix of different BMS and BMC systems possible

IQ Messenger integrations:

Schneider ElectricSchneider Electric
Johnson ControlsJohnson Controls
OPC Unified ArchitectureOPC Unified Architecture
Rockwell AutomationRockwell Automation


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