Digital care remotely

With a view to long-term living and aiming to offer more self-reliance and freedom of movement, remote care becomes indispensable in the care sector

Digital care remotely

Remote care has an enormous added value for the care process. Cameras, management applications and applications for care calls on a tablet or smartphone can enable care at a distance. With a view to long-term living and aiming to offer more self-reliance and freedom of movement, remote care becomes indispensable in the care sector.

One complete application for remote care: CareApp

The CareApp is a versatile application to ensure both the safety and high quality of life of clients. This is a very comprehensive replacement for the classic nurse call system. For example, clients can receive a reminder of medication, make video calls to the healthcare provider or start up entertainment apps. Look for the extensive functionality on the CareApp page.

  • Easy and user-friendly application
  • Comprehensive solution for excellent remote care
  • Better quality of care. Better insight into the client through direct contact and monitoring options
  • Client contact in a safe environment. The app is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified and AVG/GDPR proof

Give caregivers options – always see how things are going remotely

The CareApp provides caregivers with information anywhere, any time, so they can support the client remotely. The caregiver receives alarms at a monitoring centre or, for example, in the IQ Messenger SmartApp. The enriched interface offers many advantages for the caregiver.

  • Efficiency and saving time. Caregivers know when clients need care
  • Remote monitoring, such as checking whether the client has taken his or her medication
  • In the event of an alarm, automatically call back or view a camera image

Not only care providers, but also technical staff and family care providers can receive reports:

  • Restaurant employees can use IQ Messengers any-to-any technology to receive service notifications in the desired manner
  • External reporting centres may receive reports at certain times or in the event of escalations
  • Technical administrators receive triggers when a system integrated with IQ Messenger is down


Administrators use the IQ Messenger administrator tool to quickly and easily configure which services are visible in the CareApp for each client.
The icons are easily customisable in any colour and/or symbol of your choice. For each icon, you can choose from a range of actions such as calling, starting up any event in the Event Flow Manager, or opening an app.

Profile Dashboard

With the IQ Messenger SmartApp and online application Profile Dashboard, you can switch systems on and off at any time by sliding switches. Think about the privacy mode of a camera, in or out of bed detection, setting the lighting in the room, sun blinds etc.


The use of cameras enables virtual night rounds. The caregiver no longer has to walk past all the doors and disturb the sleep of the clients or patients. You can monitor the situation in the room at a glance and remotely operate systems. It offers many additional advantages when receiving alarms. If you want to analyse the situation as a healthcare provider before you decide whether or not to go to a client or patient, simply look in the room using the IQ Messenger SmartApp or our Graphical Floor Plan (GFP) application.

Care lines

IQ Messenger also enables you to control analogue and SCAIP care devices and receive notifications on the IQ Messenger Smartapp for the caregiver.

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