Activity areas and freedom of movement

One of the biggest challenges is to create freedom of movement for the elderly in order to offer them an optimal living environment and freedom

Activity areas and freedom of movement

One of the biggest challenges is to create freedom of movement for the elderly in order to offer them an optimal living environment and freedom. IQ Messenger integrates systems in a vendor-neutral way to meet the care requirements, i.e.: improving the residents’ quality of life. Think of: medication reduction, more exercise, social contact and optimising life happiness.

More freedom of movement in a safe environment

There is a restriction on freedom of movement if a client has to stay in a closed ward or behind a closed front door, or if he or she is not allowed to leave a location independently because the front door is locked, or if he or she always has to request permission to go outside first.

Wander detection solutions

A wander detection solution usually consists of smart sensors, GPS trackers and portable receivers for the resident to be able to raise the alarm indoors as well as in the courtyard and in the neighbourhood. This makes it easy for the healthcare professional to keep an eye on where residents are located. In addition, it gives the healthcare professional and the family of the resident peace of mind knowing that the resident is in a safe environment and where he or she can move freely.

IQ Messenger integrates vendor-neutral solutions for wander detection. From now on, care organisations are no longer bound to the limited system choice of a nurse call provider. Alarms come in for the assigned healthcare professional on our native application, the SmartApp. In addition, all data can be collected within the web-based resident dashboard application. Here you can apply lifestyle monitoring and manage one or more locations in one overview and create a link with EHR.

IQ Messenger offers great freedom of choice and integrates with many well-known wander detection systems such as Kadex, Zintouch, Safety Tracer, Evresys and Stanley Healthcare, which can be linked to your care process regardless of your existing systems. Would you like to read more about the systems we can integrate? Then read about all our wander detection system integrations here.

  • Send the location of the resident to the SmartApp for the healthcare professional
  • Establish speak-listen connection between the resident and the care professional via any device
  • Switch doors, lifts and cameras on or off at any time
  • Wander alerts are sent to the SmartApp for the care professional
  • Receive all alarms in a single overview of the entire location or multiple locations and see at a glance where the resident is located via our web-based GFP application.

IQ Messenger integrations:

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