Silent medical alarms

Realise quieter or completely silent alarms

Silent medical alarms

After significantly reducing the number of unwanted alarms and with that the alarm fatigue, hospitals can also realise the next step: quieter or completely silent alarms.

Silent alarm means that the acoustic signal of the source device (usually a medical device such as a monitor, infusion pump or ventilator) is switched off. The alarms are still visible on the source device and are dispatched through a monitored link to IQ Messenger Medical, which in turn forwards them to a device or smartphone of your choice.

As with the reduction of alarm fatigue, applying silent alarms carry huge gains for patients and healthcare professionals. The desire for silent alarms is therefore supported by many hospitals. IQ Messenger Medical actively helps hospitals to achieve this goal.

The legislator in Europe does not prevent the use of a silent medical alarm when the medical device is part of a distributed alarm system. IQ Messenger Medical (the central heart of the distributed alarm system) supports safe silent medical alarms fully compliant with the CDAS standard (distributed alarm system with alarm notification confirmation IEC 80001)

Of course, support of silent alarms on the medical device is also required.

  • For example, the medical device must have a silent alarm function
  • The source device should be able to disable the silent function automatically if it is no longer connected to IQ Messenger Medical (heartbeat function) or in the absence of an alarm confirmation from IQ Messenger Medical.


Fortunately, medical equipment is increasingly equipped with the silent alarm function. Even greater improvements can be achieved with a quieter alarm when completely silent is not (yet) supported by the medical device.

IQ Messenger Medical is medical class llb certified and therefore fully complies with the European rules for medical devices.

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