Two-way radio

Portable radios (two-way radio) are often used for mission-critical communication for Emergency Response Services, evacuation and calamities

Two-way radio

Portable radios (two-way radios) are often used for mission-critical communication for Emergency Response Services, evacuation and calamities. The high reliability and fast communication of the two-way radio makes them ideally suited to this purpose. The problem is that previously, the exchange of alarm notifications to and from two-way radios from other systems and devices was often not possible or very complex and costly. The IQ Messenger platform puts an end to this limitation; through its “any to any” principle, it can pass on alerts from all systems connected to its platform to the two-way radios.

IQ Messenger automatically sends text or voice notifications to one or more two-way radios in the event of an alarm or emergency. Users are able to accept or reject alarm notifications on the two-way radio. Additionally, notifications can be sent over multiple two-way radio transmitter/receiver channels.

Naturally, IQ Messenger also supports the personal alarm function of the two-way radio. Alarms can be sent to a mix of DECT and Wifi devices, pagers, smartphones, two-way radios and the PC at monitoring centres.

  • All alarm notifications also to the two-way radio
  • Alarms as text or voice notification
  • Security for the two-way radio
  • Accepting and rejecting alarm notifications
  • Escalations if not accepted on time
  • Personal alarms
  • Mix of DECT, WiFi, smartphone, pager and two-way radio

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