EHR integration

For maximum support to your healthcare provision, you will want to have real-time access to client or patient data in addition to an alarm

EHR integration

The IQ Messenger Medical platform enables integration with EHRs to enrich alarm notifications and alarm allocation with relevant patient and client information. For maximum support to your healthcare provision, you will want to have real-time access to client or patient data in addition to an alarm.

When assigning alarms within the Graphical Event Assignment (GEA) online application, you can see which client or patient is in which room based on ADT records. Alarm notifications can be enriched with only the relevant data (name, date of birth and gender) to complete client cards, for example, showing an overview of medication use and latest interventions. If you are standing in front of a room, you can use the SmartApp to scan a QR code or NFC sticker, directly request a client card with all the necessary information. On the Graphical Floor Plan web application, maps are enriched with symbols to show aggression and WAR information at a glance. This would include information about which client or patient can or cannot leave the premises independently in the event of a fire.

With one click on the button or QR code or NFC scan, you can display a client card directly on the SmartApp. Or maybe as a care provider, you want to be redirected to the application of your EHR, to which you can write directly. In addition to general data, it is also possible to send specifically targeted information from the EHR relating to the alarm received by the healthcare professional.

Client dashboard

IQ Messenger Medical has also developed a client dashboard in a clear display of all client data with graphs, pie charts, etc. With the client dashboard, you can apply lifestyle monitoring based on all your data and enrich your care process with extra information.

If, as a healthcare organisation, you want to enrich your alarms with this extra information, you can use a link with the EHR to work from one application as a healthcare professional and have more control of your healthcare process.

  • Easy access to client card with all data from the EHR
  • On the basis of a graphical map, insight into where the client or patient is currently located, and basic information about the client and patient
  • Use QR code and NFC tag scan at the door or bedside to retrieve client or patient information
  • WAR views enriched with icons and can be displayed in the client card
  • First Aid and emergency evacuation about which client or patient can leave the premises independently
  • Client dashboard with all client data displayed in one overview with, for example, graphs, pie charts etc.
  • Enrichment of alarms and application of lifestyle monitoring

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