Production alarms and lone worker security

The industry faces daily challenges such as reducing breakdowns, providing better safety for employees and optimising the production process

Production alarms and lone worker security

The industry faces daily challenges such as reducing breakdowns, providing better safety for employees and optimising the production process. IQ Messenger offers smart alarm solutions for these production alarms and for personal security.

Production alarm

Every factory has a huge variety of types of alarms. Examples include an early warning of excessive temperature or of a malfunction of the engine in a tank; and also high-priority alarms such as low oil pressure in a large compressor, or fire. IQ Messenger ensures that these alarms go directly to the DECT handset, two-way radio or smartphone of the right employee, enabling swift and efficient action on this notification.

Example of an event:
In the event of a malfunction of a tank, the system alert first enters the control room with a red bar on the screen. Instead of having to walk to the relevant tank yourself (which takes a lot of time) to solve the malfunction, the alarm notification is forwarded to an operator or maintenance employee who is already near this tank.

The alarm notification is sent directly to the right professional for a smooth production process. This realises a significant improvement with respect to the uptime of the production process and the personal safety of the employees.

Personal security for “lone worker” employees

Professionals in the industry who work alone without colleagues nearby must not only be able to count on help actively, but also passively in dangerous situations. The IQ Messenger SmartApp is a smart application on a smart device that immediately sends an alarm when the employee’s device stops moving for a certain period of time (no movement). Of course, this function is equipped with a pre-alarm to enable the employee to prevent a false alarm.

Motion detection: fall and inactivity

A fall off a staircase, scaffolding or moving platform: approximately one third of all serious occupational accidents fall into this category. The lone worker is extra vulnerable in such a situation. Help is far away, and if the colleague is unable to raise the alarm himself, remote monitoring is crucial.

The SmartApp’s Lone Worker functionality always detects:

  • Exactly where the smartphone (and therefore the employee) is located
  • The fall acceleration
  • If the employee moves (man down)

On the SmartApp, the alarm notification is enriched with the GPS location and inside the building with BLE and WiFi positioning so that you know exactly where the relevant employee is located. This allows you to specifically deploy the necessary emergency response workers or emergency services. The SmartApp is fully compliant with the Working Conditions Act. The unit has permanent surveillance. This means that in the event of a device failure, not only the user knows, but also a dispatcher can be informed.

Personal security for every emergency

The Lone Worker functionality guarantees easy, fast and reliable alarm triggering:

  • Clear and practical app
  • Alarms in any possible emergency situation
  • One press on the button: rapid switching
  • Location finder for employees
  • Check lists for on-call employees
  • Direct call to available, nearest emergency response workers

Swift and effective communication results in significant time savings, increasing the safety of the lone workers and other employees of your organisation.

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