Personal security employees with positioning

Employees who work alone or in high-risk locations must be able to call in help quickly in dangerous situations

Personal security employees with positioning

Employees who work alone or in high-risk locations must be able to call in help quickly in dangerous situations. When faced with aggression, an overwhelming situation or an accident, they must be able to alert quickly and reliably to ensure their own safety.

What can you do to improve employee safety?

In order to protect employees so that they can work safely, the functionality of personal security such as that of IQ Messenger is indispensable. With IQ Messenger it is possible to trigger a personal alarm both actively and passively. The personal alarm is equipped with location determination so that one always knows where the employee is.

Enriching alarm notifications with the location

Always know exactly where the employee is. On the IQ Messenger SmartApp, alarm notifications can be enriched with a location through the integration of the location finder system. The location can be determined in three ways:

  1. Finding the location based on GPS. In this case, employees see a GPS coordinate in the alarm notification.
  2. Finding the location based on WiFi positioning technology through Cisco, Aruba / HP and Huawei.
  3. Finding the location based on Bluetooth Low Energy using any BLE beacon.

Panic alarm

The IQ Messenger SmartApp is suitable for almost every Android device. A built-in or separate panic button enables employees to trigger an alarm. Such alarms are provided with current location finder functionality and completed according to your desired workflow. This would include direct alerts to colleagues, an external or internal emergency response room.

Lone Worker

The Lone Worker functionality automatically sends an alarm with location finder functionality when the device or employee stops moving for a certain period of time (no movement). Of course, this function is equipped with a pre-alarm to enable the employee to prevent a false alarm.

Unguarded area

In addition, IQ Messenger offers a monitoring timer that sends the employee a notification asking him/her to confirm a freely adjustable number of minutes as proof of ‘everything in order’. If the employee does not respond, the SmartApp will send an alarm notification with location finder functionality. This function can be used when entering hazardous areas/areas or in situations where employees are working out of sight of colleagues for long periods of time.

Silent listening function

The SmartApp is equipped with the ‘silent listening functionality’. This can be used when a device has generated an alarm. This allows a colleague or emergency response room to listen to the alarm situation remotely and, if necessary, call in the emergency services.

  • Passive and active alarms
  • Immediately know where the employee is with location finder functionality
  • Work safely alone with lone worker functionality

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