Complete tablet application for client and healthcare professional


The CareApp has been developed to enable patients and clients within the same tablet application to request assistance and care. The CareApp is easy to use and offers more than just video calling. The CareApp is the replacement for the classic healthcare device and nurse call system. All relevant client and patient services are easily and graphically available. Calling the healthcare professional, operating the sun blinds or calling a family member is all possible at the touch of a button. Third-party applications can also be integrated, such as viewing personal health data, the restaurant menu or watching movies via a streaming service.


Nurse call

Integrated and monitored nurse call alarm and presence


(Video) telephony to any other device or camera

Manage yourself

Manageable service icons and functionalities for every screen for healthcare, telemedicine and service needs


Integrated video intercom

Public cell phone

In case of failure, data communication via public GSM is possible

Battery alarms

Alarms if the battery voltage is too low

Healthcare workers menu

Care staff menu for registration hours and actions

Service menu

Service menus for groceries, menu wishes, taxi etc.

Who is the CareApp designed for?

The CareApp is intended for both intramural and extramural clients and patients who are sufficiently self-reliant to make their own alarm call. This would include people who are rehabilitating or people who live independently at home but are not very mobile. And also people who have a mental or physical disability or long-term illness. Furthermore, the CareApp can be used in hospitals where patients can forward their alarms to the healthcare professional based on their own need for care.

More personal control for patients and clients

  • Receiving a reminder when it’s time for medication
  • Ordering groceries at the supermarket
  • Booking a taxi
  • Starting up entertainment apps
  • Viewing the medical file
  • Making a nurse call

For the healthcare professional: working more efficiently

  • Automatic call-back upon receipt of an alarm, so the client or patient does not have to answer the call first
  • Check whether the client has taken his or her medication
  • Adjust calls using the red or green nurse call buttons
  • Set up calls on a smart device and/or through an NFC tag or QR code scan at the house
  • Viewing a camera image via a camera already installed in the house
  • Start an assistance call when extra help is needed quickly

Powerful combination with personal alarms

The CareApp can be offered in combination with personal alarms. From now on, clients and patients always have the certainty that they will get help. In the event of an emergency, one push on the wrist transmitter immediately calls a healthcare professional or family member. The CareApp offers a very modern form of nurse call, personal alarm, (video) calling and many other functions within a fully monitored app.

The CareApp is continuously monitored to ensure that it is always connected to one of the integrated systems. There is remote monitoring 24/7 to ensure that the equipment is still working properly. Technical notifications, such as no connection to the mobile network or low battery voltage, are automatically detected to ensure optimal performance of the solution.

Maximum flexibility: fulfilment according to needs

For each client or patient, the CareApp can be set up fully according to their needs. Every request for care can be different and this can be adjusted across an entire healthcare organisation by means of customisation. This means that you can very easily apply integrated and monitored nurse calls without cabling. In consultation with the family, the care organisation can determine which alarm icons are important. Do the needs for care or service change? Then the administrators can easily adjust the desired services for the client or patient via the administrator tool. This flexibility offers optimal efficiency and convenience for both the client and healthcare professional.

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