IQ Messenger Cloud

IQ Messenger is available in the cloud as well as on-premise

One platform for all critical alarms

In addition to being available on-premise, IQ Messenger is now also available in cloud. All organisations’ systems that include full functionality are centralised in the IQ Cloud. No hardware installation, service management and maintenance at different locations, but centred in an efficient and manageable ICT environment with the highest availability (99.99%). Organisations can easily migrate from on-premise to the IQ Cloud while retaining all existing systems and investments.

Fast implementation and remote management

Implementation of the IQ Cloud is easy.

The IQ Cloud is easy to implement. There is no need for cables! IQ Cloud has a quick configuration allowing organisations to get started immediately. All management by administrators is done via the IQ Cloud. Meaning that all parties involved can manage, analyse and monitor the IQ Cloud quickly and remotely. In addition, the IQ Cloud can be scaled up and down flexibly, where licences can easily be exchanged.

Innovation and liberating vendor lock

Due to the true vendor independence of the IQ Messenger platform, organisations can innovate faster and cheaper because it is possible to integrate existing systems and make their own choice of new systems without being linked to a current supplier with its products. IQ Messenger integrates with all possible systems in which the brand no longer plays a role. With IQ Messenger, organisations are immediately freed from vendor lock-in and are fully in charge of their work process and system choices.

Highest market availability

  • Every customer works with its “own” redundant environment
  • Highest availability, no less than 99.99%
  • Up to 15 times higher availability than traditional providers
  • Including 24 x 7 x 365 SLA
  • Permanent end-to-end monitoring of all connected systems

Security and update management

  • 24/7 active monitoring
  • Connection IQ Cloud with your site-to-site VPN
  • Risk diversification thanks to redundant data centres
  • All data within European data centres
  • Flexible planning for upgrades & updates
  • Fully in line with the Medical Technology Covenant
  • Possibility for own test environment

Accessible and variable licensing model

  • No one-off investments
  • All in a predictable monthly price
  • Very favourable pricing
  • Flexible scaling up and down

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