Vendor independent software platform for alarms and communication

Vendor independent software platform for alarms and communication

Vendor independent software platform for alarms and communication

IQ Messenger is available in the cloud in addition to on-premise!

Our proven vendor-independent platform for critical alarms is now available in the cloud. The IQ Messenger Cloud uses all of the knowledge and experience we and our partners have gained with hundreds of critical on-site solutions worldwide in recent years. IQ Messenger Cloud goes beyond the usual cloud solutions and provides users with optimal flexibility, availability and scalability while maintaining true brand independence and unprecedented functionality.

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The most powerful vendor independent alarm server

IQ Messenger is the software developer of a vendor independent and software-only platform for critical alarms. The apps and integrations enable organisations to combine alarms from both existing and new systems and to say goodbye to vendor lock-in imposed by suppliers.

IQ Messenger does not sell hardware. With its medical certification, user recommended functionality, and the largest range of vendor specific integrations, IQ Messenger offers the most powerful alarm server worldwide.

Alarm notifications at the right time to the right person

IQ Messenger improves critical communication within your organisation by connecting more than 140 different systems with years of experience in the development of software-only solutions.

Vendor Independent

No sales of equipment, but a software-only platform that combines existing and new systems independently of vendor. This means you no longer need unnecessary investments in hardware.

Efficient work process

The alarm system can be fully configured to the work process. All systems are combined on a single any-to-any alarm platform developed by a software-only message broker.

Fully certified

Fully certified for ISO 27001, ISO 13485 and Medical Class IIb. With maximum uptime, ensuring alarm follow-up so that safety is guaranteed.

The volume and number of alarms that come in to professionals can lead to alarm fatigue, learn how to reduce it

SmartApp iOS Local Push Notification

Apple gives IQ Messenger, the standard in critical alarms, a unique entitlement for sending alarm messages without the need for internet connectivity and the Apple iCloud.

Siza talks about the IQ Messenger platform

IQ Messenger connects care systems and makes the care process leading.

Watch in this video how IQ Messenger is used at Siza to let the residents of Het Dorp live more independently.

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