Epilepsy detection

IQ Messenger Medical has an interface with Nightwatch. This medical device was developed in the Netherlands and is able to detect an epileptic seizure

Epilepsy detection

Medical devices are no longer just the domain of hospitals. Medical devices are increasingly being used in other care environments. A good example of this is the Nightwatch. This medical device was developed in the Netherlands and is able to detect an epileptic seizure.

IQ Messenger Medical has a smart IP-based interface with Nightwatch on which the various technical and medical alarms are exchanged. This enables the healthcare professional to be informed immediately in the event of an insult or other medical alarm, while the facilities department is informed automatically about a technical malfunction.

Advantages of the NightWatch interface

The NightWatch interface provides:

  • More safety for the client during sleep. Possible epileptic seizures can be detected and an alarm is sent out;
  • Better care through more insight in seizure patterns. The care professional receives a notification including real-time information from the EHR to see which resident is in which room;
  • Alarms are handled by the right person on the right device;
  • Smart combinations with third-party systems are possible, such as automatically opening the door of the room in case of a critical alarm;
  • More efficient care through alarm notifications that state what has been measured, the possibility of prioritisation and linking to a camera image from a camera in the room.



In the future, care organisations will increasingly use medical devices such as the Nightwatch. With the medical IQ Messenger software platform, clients and caregivers are supported and safety during sleep is optimally guaranteed.

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