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IQ Secure Messenger

IQ Secure Messenger is the only overall app for safe chat, sending pictures and video calling, critical and medical alarms and personal security. Communication between clients and professionals now easy and safe.

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IQ SmartApp

Bring your own device with IQ SmartApp for smartphone and tablet. Critical alerting and notification simply and securely on any device. You determine the classification, prioritization, icons, colours etc. Accept and reject calls, voice connection and/or video linking.

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IQ CareApp

IQ CareApp is developed to allow needy people to live independently for longer. As a care provider, it is your own app and therefore you determine the functionality. Every (care)app available in the market can work seamlessly within your own IQ CareApp.

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IQ Event Flow Manager

IQ Event Flow Manager is a unique intuitive user interface which gives you the control over your workflow. You manage and override the default user settings. The alarm tree is completely to set up by yourself and easy to modify.

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IQ Real Time Console

IQ Real Time Console enables you to obtain a real-time insight into the current alarms. You fully decide the layout of the display. The application is web based and can operate on any PC.

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IQ Graphical Floor Plan

IQ Graphical Floor Plan provides real-time visualization of alarms on the plan of your building or on a map of, for example, Google Maps. This application is web based and can operate on any PC.

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IQ Reporting

With IQ Reporting you define all alarms and confirmations/ acceptances of all your connected systems. The report offers insight into the alarms and also shows exceeded reaction times and escalations.

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IQ Video Viewer

IQ Messenger embraces video in the broadest sense. Our platform supports more than 2,000 cameras. It is also possible to capture images at the time of an alarm or continuous.

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IQ Apartment Video Intercom

The IQ Apartment Video Intercom application makes it possible to replace the traditional doorbells by an application on tablet or PC (monitor).

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IQ Emergency Call Out

IQ Emergency Call Out offers a completely integrated emergency call out system. Automatically calling people and put people into conference during a calamity. Full response and escalation of procedures.

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IQ Desk Phone Manager

IQ Desk Phone Manager makes it possible to alert to fixed phones. These include alarms that take too long and need to overflow to fixed phones.

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IQ High Availability

IQ Messenger is available in High Availability. Many customers opt for HA for a higher availability. It is largely used in the current critical ICT policy of the customer. It is also a requirement for medical critical alarms in order to deliver in HA.


IQ SNMP Monitoring

By Simple Network Management Protocol Monitoring remote systems can be monitored via SNMP TRAPS. An SNMP alert can any-to-any be transmitted via the vendor-neutral software platform.


IQ Cluster Service Monitoring

IQ Messenger enables management to monitor services which are active in a cluster environment and trigger them as an alarm. These messages can any-to-any be transmitted via the vendor-neutral software platform to each type of device.


IQ Back-up

IQ Messenger provides advanced backup possibilities. IQ Backup has no preference for what type of system to be backed up.

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