Redundancy and alarm chain monitoring

The IQ Messenger platform provides various safety measures to ensure maximum availability and reliability

Redundancy and alarm chain monitoring

The IQ Messenger platform provides various safety measures to ensure maximum availability and reliability with permanent monitoring of the connection to connected devices and systems (chain monitoring). The reliability of the IQ Messenger platform in redundant execution is expressed in an uptime of 99.99% and as such is also set out in our ISO 13485 certification, which is audited annually by an independent notified body.

The following mechanisms and functionalities have been implemented within the IQ Messenger platform.

  1. Redundancy with automatic fail-over of the IQ Messenger platform
  2. Chain monitoring of systems and devices connected to IQ Messenger
  3. Monitoring from the alarm device up to and including the device to which the alarm message is sent
  4. Monitoring of the IT network by IQ Messenger (cross-link monitoring)
  5. Monitoring of IQ Messenger by the IT network (cross-link monitoring)
  6. External autonomous watchdog monitoring, part of the NEN 2575 standard

IQ Messenger cluster (also called high availability or redundancy)

The software runs within a redundant environment on two different (virtual) servers. If there is a server problem or a problem with one of the critical applications of the IQ Messenger software, the other server will automatically take over the operations.


When one or more services active on the server are disrupted, the master server first tries to autonomously restore the process in question. If this is not completed within an adjustable time, the slave server will take over the sessions and act as master. An alarm message is also sent to a selected device or system for notification.


The SmartApp Android also has full monitoring. This means that the SmartApp on the smart device itself detects when the heartbeat to the IQ Messenger server is disconnected for whatever reason. This is displayed both acoustically and optically on the unit. This way the user always knows (hears and sees) when he or she can rely on critical alerts and when he or she cannot.

The IQ Messenger platform also monitors the heartbeat with the SmartApps and other devices and can then also send alarms when a device is no longer connected. This would include informing a monitoring centre operator or a manager. This is also in line with the NEN2575 fire alarm standard.

IT Network

From the above, we can conclude that there is full chain monitoring from the source of the alarm (medical device, nurse call system, fire alarm centre, building management system, etc.) to the device/SmartApp. The organisation’s IT network serves as the “transport layer” in this case. IQ Messenger goes one step further with its chain monitoring. We also monitor the intermediate IT network and all of its servers, routers, access point switches, etc.

Cross-link surveillance

Unlike traditional alarm servers and message brokers, the important services that “run” on our platform can also be monitored using a standard internal SNMP application from the organisation.

The performance of the IQ Messenger platform is open, transparent, insightful and measurable. IQ Messenger monitors the entire chain of systems and the IT network. The IT network in turn monitors the IQ Messenger platform. True cross-link monitoring.


In addition to the above, a watchdog functionality can also be used. Using an autonomous contact module, you can switch a lamp, flash, horn, fire alarm centre etc. on or off if the entire system or the entire IT network is down.
The watchdog is always used in a NEN 2575 fire alarm chain.

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