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Provide safe healthcare remotely with the versatile CareApp tablet application

Society is constantly changing and the healthcare sector is changing with it. Vulnerable people stay at home longer and healthcare institutions offer more complex types of care. As a result of the corona crisis, the demand for remote video calling, care and medication has increased. With this versatile tablet application, IQ Messenger offers healthcare institutions a tool that is easy to manage and operate remotely.

The CareApp has been developed to enable clients to request help and care within the same tablet application. The easy-to-use CareApp offers more than just video calling. The CareApp replaces outdated care devices and the nurse call system. All relevant client services are easily graphically available. Calling the nurse, operating the blinds or calling a family member is all possible at the touch of a button. Third-party applications can also be integrated, such as access to personal healthcare data, the restaurant’s menu or watching movies via a streaming service. See a selection of a number of possibilities with the CareApp below:

  • Receive a reminder when it is time for medication;
  • Order groceries at the supermarket;
  • Booking a taxi;
  • Calling and video calling;
  • Launch entertainment apps;
  • View medical files;
  • Make a nurse call;
  • Order a meal in the restaurant;
  • Control lighting and / or sun blinds;
  • A connection to a wrist / neck transmitter that allows clients to trigger an alarm in case of an emergency (when the tablet is not within reach).

Advantages for the healthcare professional

Nurse call alarms triggered from the CareApp can be sent to any alarm handling system: a text message to a volunteer, control room or the IQ Messenger SmartApp of a nearby healthcare professional. Alarm messages from other systems in the residence can also be seamlessly integrated within the solution. In the event of an alarm coming from smart lifestyle monitoring sensors, door and bed detectors and personal alarm solutions, the CareApp tablet can start an automatic video call connection for the healthcare professional. In this way, the healthcare professional can immediately assess whether help is needed.

Healthcare professionals receive alarms on a central station or on a smart device. The enriched interface offers healthcare professionals the possibility to:

  • Call back automatically in the event of an alarm, so the client does not have to answer the call first;
  • Check whether the client has taken his or her medication;
  • Adjust calls using the red or green nurse call buttons;
  • Adjust calls on a smart device and / or by an NFC tag or QR code scan at the home;
  • Viewing a camera image that is already present in the home;
  • Starting an assistance call when extra help is needed quickly;
  • In addition to ‘assistance call’, ‘call’, ‘present’ and ‘absent’ (in and out of the room) are also supported;
  • Easily assign alarms for one or more clients;
  • When the tablet is insufficiently charged or no longer connected, a caregiver, healthcare professional or administrator can be informed.


Powerful combination with personal alarms

The CareApp can be offered in combination with personal alarms. From now on, clients always have the certainty that they will get help. In case of an emergency, a healthcare professional or family member is immediately called with one push on the wrist transmitter.

Maximum flexibility: set up according to need

For each client, the CareApp can be set up completely according to their needs. Each care request can be different and this can also be customized across an entire healthcare organization. This means that you can easily apply integrated and monitored nurse call without cabling. In consultation with the family, the care organization can determine which alarm icons are important. Does the need for care or service change? Then the administrators can easily adjust the desired services for the client via the administrator tool. This flexibility offers optimal efficiency and convenience for both the client and healthcare professional.

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